Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wow...this made my month...

NOTE: This was a note I received a few days before my departure from the school. It was from a group of three girls that I had spoken to only 2-3 times and spoke only a few words of they pulled off this letter, I do not know...but it TOUCHED ME SO MUCH...I had tears (and I NEVER get teary!)... I can count moments like this on one hand... 

to teacher

Teacher, We want the teacher is here for a long time don't want a teacher gets back to. A teacher is lovely person and kindhearted. Althought, We will speak not excellent but we want to speak with a teacher.

Teacher has gone to already us atmay think of bad teacher.

If there is the free time, don'ts to forget to visit us? Please yes.

Althought, differ the language but, our heart may not differently us loves a teacher and hope that.

A teacher may love and thing of us alike are lucky please yes.

from students

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