Thursday, November 5, 2009

Off to Bangkok for the weekend!

My student is having her college entrance exams she hasn't been eating for days and is quite stressed with it I'm headed out of town to Bangkok for the weekend...I have a few friends that will be in town from Chicago Saturday night...despite having a 6 AM flight on Sunday...I'm hoping I get to see them even if for an hour... Will be staying at Asha again so I can run at the park and go to the market this weekend... Celebrating Brian's new job tonight! Wine!

Some photos: Pee Puey's car. This is a straight up luxury huge huge car...she's not even 5 feet tall! The woman cracks me up...she loves her gucci/vuitton purses and all luxury goods...

Also...a photo of the bus I'm taking to Bangkok (currently typing from the bus)'s gorgeous! Nothing like the bus here! I think I have a good 30 inches of legroom...and that's before I recline! And they give you all the muffins you want to eat! I will be eating ONE (declaration to self)...also handed me a red kool-aid type drink...straight-up sugar water....nice...

So I'm super comfortable...periwinkle/pink dress striped weekend bag and pink blanket over my legs... Ha! Who looks like a man now! I feel good...what a great start to a lovely weekend...

Had coconut jelly last night for dessert...not sure how I felt about it at first...any form of un-clear jelly gives me flashbacks of holodetz back in the homeland with pig I'm always quite hesitant... it's the jelly made out of coconut milk with coconut pieces and poured back into the coconut... I fished out the coconut pieces and just kind of mixed up the jelly (MOM: remember when I used to do that with Praline Pecan ice cream? Eat all the pecans and caramel veins then just mix the ice cream around??). Good potassium at least... Then as soon as I got to my mosquito net...I googled the! No cartilage!

Another HUGE pet peeve about SOME Americans: when they just close on a home they go announcing to the world they "OWN their FIRST HOME!". Whaaaa!? couldn't be farther from the truth! Your mortgaging BANK now owns your home! You're lucky if you successfully buy it FROM them brick by brick over the next 20-30 years! And even if you own 90% of the bricks...the bank STILL owns your home legally! I wish people understood what they are undertaking before the concept of "retrospect" is in play... This applies to KIDS!

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